EcoButyl™ Window and Door Flashing is Ready for its Close-Up

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Watch out asphalt tapes! Plioseal’s game changing EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape is now more than two times stronger, in-stock and for ready shipment nationally.

After the overwhelming positive feedback from a targeted beta launch of the EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape, Plioseal is now launching an optimized version of the butyl flashing tape to the entire market.

You may not be aware of this, but through our strategic partnerships, Edge Adhesives is the leader in developing premium performance butyl formulations and the innovator of thin mil block co-polymer adhesive backed pressure sensitive building and construction tapes with super stick performance characteristics.  Now through the Edge brand Plioseal, we are launching a new line of lower cost butyl waterproofing tapes specifically engineered to be closer in price to asphalt and asphalt blended window and door flashing tapes while exceeding on performance and dependability.

Asphalts and modified asphalt based tapes have proven in performance and are widely known to have sealant compatibility issues, poor temperature performance, short life-cycles and long term vinyl adhesion issues, but they remain the dominant used tapes when it comes to waterproofing your fenestration openings because of their low price.  With EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tapes we are taking Edge’s almost 40 years of building product and waterproofing technology development expertise and applying it to this uniquely positioned waterproofing tape being offered exclusively through our building and waterproofing brand, Plioseal to give you THE superior performing and lower cost butyl tape.

EcoButyl™ is a tough and flexible pressure sensitive tape that can be applied down to 40⁰F to most common building surfaces without the need for a primer. Unlike asphalts, it will not bleed or stain when in contact with common installation sealants and will pass the AAMA 713 standards for chemical compatibility.   This benefit gives the installer the freedom of choosing which sealant they prefer and not be limited to what will work with the specific bitumen based tape product they are trying to use for the window installation.

Exclusively through Plioseal you get all of these performance benefits without having to make a huge sacrifice on price.   EcoButyl is the new penny-4-penny pound-4-pound best window and door flashing on the market.  We challenge you to find a better performing product at a better price.  So what are you waiting for?  The decision has never been easier.

Find more about EcoButyl™ on the residential products page of or call 866-232-2026 to find a sales representative near you.



Building Solutions that Stick!

The Science Behind

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Edge Adhesives is happy to announce we are taking the product knowledge and technologies of FIVE industry leading companies and rolling them into one uniquely diversified brand: Plioseal™.

Edge Adhesives has been the science behind some of the most innovative technologies and largest brands in the Metal Building, Waterproofing, Roofing, HVAC and Construction markets for over 30 years through our private label partnerships. Recently Edge has begun strategically purchasing other businesses that diversify and complement our existing technologies, market channels and philosophy of technologies, market channels and philosophy of market improvement through product development and innovation.

The first acquisition made was Rubex, Inc. Rubex has been a trusted supplier of sealants and tapes to the Metal Building market for over 30 years. PARR Technologies, Inc. was Edge’s second acquisition. PARR has been supplying a diversified technology base of sealants, butyl tapes and coatings for over 80 years. When Edge acquired Plioseal™, we gained a recognizable and trusted brand name in the commercial and single-ply roofing market that has been supplying for over 25 years. Our most recent acquisition was of a unique roof and liquid coatings company, Isothermal Protective Coatings, Inc [IPC] in early 2015. IPC further rounds out Plioseal’s 360 degree approach to being your one-top-shop supplier of all of your sealing and waterproofing needs.

Plioseal™ now represents over 150 years of combined knowledge, product development and field proven experience. By taking the best of what these companies have to offer, Plioseal™ now offers a Building Solution the Sticks from the foundation to the ridge of you roof a wide range of market leading tapes, sealants and coatings. For many of these products, it will be the first time they will be offered manufacture direct to the market.

With the Plioseal™ brand, we are committed to continuing to make positive contributions to the Building and Waterproofing markets by developing in our labs, producing on our plant floors and now driving direct-to-market our innovative tapes, sealants and coatings.

Visit our website often to see the newest products and developments to the evolving Plioseal™ product line.