ACRYCAULK™ All-purpose, white sealant; highly thixotropic/viscus to address difficult waterproofing problems; readily adheres to primed or painted metal, thermoplastics, asphalt, polyurethane foam and concrete substrates; can be applied by brush, trowel or knife and can be used in conjunction with non-woven polyester roofing cloth to bridge wider gaps; available in 2-gallon and 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
ACRYLINK G™ Unique high-solids (73% by weight/63% by volume) cross-linking elastomeric roof coating that is the only one of its kind in the market; cross-linking results in a film with high tensile strength and elongation, as well as excellent resistance to ponded water, fire, UV and harsh chemicals; carries approvals from UL, FM and Miami-Dade; can be applied over all types of roofing including: metal, concrete, EPDM, PVC, TPO (requires a primer like Isotack™), wood/OSB, modified bitumen and spray polyurethane foam; available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_sdsplioseal_icon_brochure
BITE TAPES BITE Line is a complete, one part solution for roof repairs, seaming, and waterproofing. BITE Line products do not oxidize, crack, or harden over time, boast long life cycles, and increase roof system efficiency. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
DOUBLEBITE 207-60 DoubleBITE 207-60 is a durable material that boasts tremendous weatherability, and exceeds all of the requirements for use in the single ply roofing industry for splicing material. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
INSTALAM 53 InstaLam 53 is an elastomeric hot melt adhesive designed as a solution for the peel and stick commercial roofing market. It provides long term hold and will work anywhere where aggressive adhesion is desired. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
ISOCLEAN™ Proprietary waterborne cleaner for hard-to-clean single-ply roof surfaces, such as weathered black EPDM and other single-ply roofing membranes; removes degraded surface rubber, making pressure washing much more effective, available in 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
ISOPHOS™ Dilute solution of phosphoric acid used on steel surfaces as a rust reducer and passivator; reduces and helps remove rust leaving an iron phosphate surface (on galvanized steel, leaves a zinc phosphate surface) and prepares the surface for coating; can be used at package strength or diluted up to 1:1 with water; available in 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
ISOPRIME™ Water-reducible, phenolic-modified alkyd primer with corrosion-inhibiting properties and excellent adhesion to most metal and cleaned painted surfaces; white primer used on metal or passivated rusty surfaces prior to topcoating; can be airless sprayed or brushed; available in 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
ISOTACK™ Primer required prior to topcoating TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) single-ply roofing; provides excellent adhesion to this hard-to-adhere to surface; available in 5-gallon plastic pails. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PARR 7313 Formulated to meet AAMA Specification 820.1, PARR 7313 is a multifunctional roofing tape designed for flashing, repairing, and waterproofing applications. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PTI 707 PTI 707 is a premium, architectural butyl caulk. It is a non-skinning sealant that cures into a flexible bead. PTI 707 is available in black, grey, white, and bronze.  plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PLIOSEAL COVERSTRIP PLIOSEAL Coverstrip is a laminate of patented butyl adhesive and cured EPDM membrane. Designed for roofing applications, it is commonly used to cover metal and polymeric fastening plates. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PLIOSEAL FLASHING PLIOSEAL Flashing is a laminate of patented butyl adhesive and EPDM membrane. It is ideally suited to seal rooftop protrusions, and to repair existing seams and covers. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PLIOSEAL PERIMETER STRIP PLIOSEAL Perimeter Strip is a 6″ wide roofing tape laminate consisting of a butyl adhesive and EPDM membrane. This product is well suited for sealing and securing roofing membranes at angle changes. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PLIOSEAL SPLICE TAPE In service for decades, PLIOSEAL Splice Tape is the keystone of Edge’s PLIOSEAL product line. This patented butyl tape offers tremendous longevity, durability, adhesion, and ease of use. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds
PLIOSEAL TAPE PRIMER A two-in-one wash and primer, PLIOSEAL Tape Primer is used to treat EPDM roofing membrane surfaces prior to bonding applications involving PLIOSEAL tape products. plioseal_icon_tdsplioseal_icon_sds