The Many “Why’s” in Roof Coatings

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Written By: Rick Jones, Business Development Manager for Roof Coatings

When that leaky roof finally grabs your attention to the point that you realize that you can no longer afford to continually repair it, the first thing you have to decide is whether to replace it with another roof membrane or rejuvenate it with an elastomeric roof coating. So, the first question becomes, WHY would you use a roof coating? With advancements in polymer chemistry, the use of roof coatings has now become a very well-accepted and an economically-proven way to repair and refurbish a roof, extend its working life and impart “cool” properties for ongoing energy savings. In addition, polymeric roof coatings add no significant weight to the structure (meaning that the roof can be re-coated multiple times), can be applied with minimal disruption to building occupants and often comply with local city building code requirements.

So, now that you’ve chosen to go the coatings route, WHY should you choose an acrylic-based roof coating compared to other polymer choices? The first consideration is that acrylics are the most cost-effective choice and can be applied to a wide range of roofing substrates. Coupled with acrylics offering excellent UV resistance and outstanding mechanical properties (that is, tensile strength and percent elongation), it’s not hard to understand how acrylics become an easy choice for contractors and building owners.

Now that you’ve decided to use an acrylic roof coating, WHY then chose Acrylink G™ from Edge Adhesives? First, it’s a performance-proven product being manufactured and offering up to 20-year warranties since 1981. Second, at 63% volume solids, it is the highest solids acrylic formulation on the market which allows a contractor to apply more coating per pass. Third, Acrylink G carries a full range of product approvals, including Miami-Dade, UL, FM, Energy Star, CRRC and CA Title 24. Finally, and most importantly, Acrylink G was the first crosslinking acrylic roof coating on the market. But, what is that? Crosslinking is the technical term for the additional chemical reaction that occurs in Acrylink G after it has been applied on the roof. This reaction causes a strong chemical bond to form at multiple points along each acrylic polymer chain, tying them together into one, single gigantic molecule. In the end, this mechanism creates a film that has very high integrity resulting in the highest, long-term tensile strength and % elongation available. This not only makes Acrylink G stronger and more elastic than other roof coatings, it dramatically increases its resistance to sunlight, water, and harsh chemicals. It also more effectively expands and contracts with the every-day movements of a building as a result of the temperature cycles. Thus, Acrylink G does not require that a reinforcing fabric be embedded in the coating – which is a time, labor and a material cost savings.

When you combine a superior acrylic roof coating like Acrylink G with a full range of support products and the top-of-class service and support offered by Edge Adhesives, WHY not chose Acrylink G for your next roof coating project? Please stop by our brand Plioseal’s booth 635 at the upcoming International Roof Expo in New Orleans to learn more about Acrylink G and the other performance-proven products offered through Edge Adhesives’ exclusive brand, Plioseal.

Roofing Innovations by Plioseal

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Repair and Restore your Commercial or Metal Roof with Plioseal™ Building and Waterproofing Products

Why spend the money to replace your roof, when you can restore it for a fraction of the price?  Plioseal™ has an entire line-up of products designed to repair, restore and extend the life-cycle of commercial roofing systems.  Whether it’s due to age or damage from the recent severe weather that has been plaguing the United States, Plioseal™ has products designed that adhere and perform to a variety of surfaces in any geography that will help protect your investment by improving the performance of your roof for years to come.

If you need of a full roof restoration, look no further than our AcrylinkG™ roof coating and system.  Create a seamless membrane to protect your roof with this high solid content coating that exhibits superior elongation and tensile strength.  With this roof coating, you can do small repairs or you can coat your entire roof using our system and get up to a 20 year warranty.  We offer one of the longest warranties in the business because we know our coating works.  We have decades of proven performance to back it up.

Have a leak? For smaller repair work, we make an entire line of tapes and sealants for seam, cover and repair work for metal panel and single-ply roofing systems.  Our RoofBITE™ tape line utilizes a proprietary butyl hybrid adhesive that is capable of adhering in adverse conditions down to 0⁰F.  Our BITE line-up of tapes includes TPO repair tape, EPDM repair tape and metal panel seam repair tape.  Try our FleeceBITE™ and our AcrylinkG™ together on metal panels for the ultimate repair that will last decades.

The newest addition to our innovative line of products is IsoPrime Plus™; designed to passivate red rust on metal roofs.  This extraordinary two-in-one rust conversion primer eliminates the need for toxic and dangerous acid solutions.  IsoPrime Plus™ passivates red rust and provide a corrosion inhibiting surface for top coating.

To learn more about these exceptional products as well as others in our line-up, please visit our roofing products page.

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