International Builder’s Show 2018: Start the New Year with New Innovations from Edge Adhesives

By January 2, 2018Uncategorized

Start the New Year off right with new innovations from Edge Adhesives and Plioseal™ in booth S200 at the 2018 International Builder’s Show in Orlando on January 9th – 11th.

For over 35 years Edge Adhesives has been a premier formulator and manufacturer of high performance sealant, adhesive, coating and tape technologies used for construction and waterproofing applications. Our innovative products are designed by our team of engineers with performance in mind. Edge Adhesives offers a wide breadth of diverse and environmentally friendly technologies used for a variety applications in both commercial and residential construction.

Innovation and performance have been at the core of Edge Adhesives since the company was founded. Everything starts and ends with our lab, from product design to the final quality checks on finished goods. In the early 1980’s, Edge’s legacy product Q-41 was introduced as the first foam-in-place thermally applied sealant for seaming applications for Metal Building. The Q-41 is still the top selling product in its category and used in the high-end offerings by premium brands in metal roofing today. In the 2000’s, Edge Adhesives designed and launched through private label our Q-14 high performance thin mil adhesive backed tapes for use as window and door flashings. This premium adhesive technology allowed installers to exceed all market specifications, while achieving extreme performances that include application down to -20⁰F and adhesion to multiple surfaces. In both of these cases, new product categories have been created because of our success with competitors racing to catch up and launching products.

More recently in 2017, Edge launched EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape and IsoPrime Plus™ primer through our brand Plioseal™. EcoButyl™ is the first ever zero-asphalt content low-cost butyl tape on the market. Our engineers found a way to lower cost, while not sacrificing on product performance. Unlike asphalt and asphalt blended tapes, EcoButyl™ window and door flashing has no sealant compatibility issues, will not suffer from environmental factors like drying or hardening, will adhere down to 20⁰F and will adhere to multiple surfaces without the aid of staples. Isoprime Plus™ is a unique “two-in-one” product that both passivates red-rusted substrates and provides a corrosion-inhibiting surface for subsequent topcoating.

At the 2018 International Builder’s Show in Orlando we are excited to be launching our redesigned line of premium block copolymer adhesive technologies for waterproofing tape applications. Since launching the first line of thin mil PSA adhesives and revolutionizing the waterproofing tape market over a decade ago, the landscape has changed with various new housewraps and engineered surfaces being launched into the market. After over a year of design and testing evaluation by our engineers, in 2018 we a proud to be launching new formulas with improved performance for all of our block copolymer adhesive products.

The redesign of Plioseal’s PowerFlash 14™ window and door flashing tape is one of our Builder’s Show product highlight’s that features one of these new adhesive formulations. The new PowerFlash 14™ not only benefits from the new adhesive, but it also features our new scrimless backing. This new METPET film is multi-layer cross laminated to give it the strength needed to eliminate the scrim that can lead to potential water infiltration when fasteners puncture the surface.

While visiting our booth S200, don’t forget to ask us about how you can get maximum branding exposure for your company. ALL of our products are available for private label. Besides window and door flashings, these new high-performance adhesive formulations can be coated onto multiple different backings for use in a variety of applications. Other PSA construction and waterproofing applications would include peel and stick roof underlayments, ice and water shields, seaming tapes, subgrade waterproofing and thru-wall flashings.

Let Edge Adhesives help lead you into 2018 and beyond with innovation! We look forward to seeing you in Orlando. Safe travels and Happy New Year!