Building a More Competitive Edge for the Future

By July 31, 2017Corporate Chat

Written By: Ed Klavin, President and CEO

Recently Edge Adhesives launched its website which includes our new upper-case company logo. These updates mark a symbolic change for Edge Adhesives as our company advances to bring proven elastomeric adhesive sealant technologies and new product innovations to a broader market.

Customer focus and communication are critical not only for business growth, but also for industry longevity. Innovation and opportunity come from close contact with our customers and the market and listening to and anticipating their needs. Likewise, it is important that customers know about Edge Adhesives, our products offerings and our capabilities. The Edge Adhesives and Plioseal™ websites provide useful information for both current and potential new customers.

Positioning Edge Adhesives for the future is not just about marketing. Our recent investments in people and equipment are a testimony to our commitment to bring new resources into Edge Adhesives to meet our customer needs and create solutions. Customers have already taken notice and are benefiting from the enhancements in the technical capabilities in our R&D laboratory and our plants. In addition to lab and manufacturing upgrades, our new technical team combines industry experience, new ideas and enthusiasm into a function that provides quality control, customer application support and new product innovation. This is a significant part of the value that Edge Adhesives is offering customers.

Whether there is a need for innovative pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, sealants or coatings specifically for building and waterproofing applications or performance butyl gaskets, tapes and sealants designed for other markets including HVAC, subgrade, aerospace and OEM applications; Edge Adhesives has a broad line of solutions to meet your needs.

If you need custom / toll compounding of rubber adhesive formulations, Edge Adhesives can provide the product and the service. Edge Adhesives is known as a leading developer and manufacturer of rubber-based adhesive sealing products with capabilities in butyl and block copolymer formulations as well as water based acrylic coatings. Private label / toll manufacturing business is a core element of our business and is an area where we are growing internationally through partnerships with existing and new customers.

Our Plioseal™ brand brings innovative sustainable technologies to construction industry stakeholders through distribution. These environmentally friendly performance sealants, coatings and pressure sensitive tapes offer contractors, builders, and property owners better building envelope solutions for making their structures waterproof, more durable and energy efficient. Our recent launch of Ecobutyl™ and the soon to be launched next generation Powerflash 14™ are examples of innovative PSA tapes for construction and waterproofing.

The changes at Edge Adhesives go beyond just a new logo and websites. The future is now and we look forward to bringing continued value and innovation to customers, the industry and the community. Your comments and inquiries are much appreciated as Edge strives to provide “Solutions that Stick™”!