Edge Adhesives Announces Membership in the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

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Edge Adhesives is proud to announce we are now active full members of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC).

For decades Edge Adhesives has been a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of rubber-based adhesive backed tapes across a variety of markets and the PSTC is an organization that has for decades driven the standards of tape manufacturers and product performance. Edge Adhesives is ready to join the conversations happening at PSTC and use our knowledge and history to help collaborate with other like-minded companies and individuals to expand applications and to drive quality and performance standards for pressure sensitive tapes.

Edge Adhesives believes in community and are continuing active members in many organizations and councils such as the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA), but those are all market specific. PTSC gives Edge a unique forum where we as a tape manufacturer can affect a broader range of our markets through one community.

This year’s Tape Summit in Minneapolis May 7-11th will be Edge’s first full event and we have a booth in the exhibit hall in space #404. If you are attending this year’s summit, please stop by to learn more about Edge Adhesives.

The Many “Why’s” in Roof Coatings

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Written By: Rick Jones, Business Development Manager for Roof Coatings

When that leaky roof finally grabs your attention to the point that you realize that you can no longer afford to continually repair it, the first thing you have to decide is whether to replace it with another roof membrane or rejuvenate it with an elastomeric roof coating. So, the first question becomes, WHY would you use a roof coating? With advancements in polymer chemistry, the use of roof coatings has now become a very well-accepted and an economically-proven way to repair and refurbish a roof, extend its working life and impart “cool” properties for ongoing energy savings. In addition, polymeric roof coatings add no significant weight to the structure (meaning that the roof can be re-coated multiple times), can be applied with minimal disruption to building occupants and often comply with local city building code requirements.

So, now that you’ve chosen to go the coatings route, WHY should you choose an acrylic-based roof coating compared to other polymer choices? The first consideration is that acrylics are the most cost-effective choice and can be applied to a wide range of roofing substrates. Coupled with acrylics offering excellent UV resistance and outstanding mechanical properties (that is, tensile strength and percent elongation), it’s not hard to understand how acrylics become an easy choice for contractors and building owners.

Now that you’ve decided to use an acrylic roof coating, WHY then chose Acrylink G™ from Edge Adhesives? First, it’s a performance-proven product being manufactured and offering up to 20-year warranties since 1981. Second, at 63% volume solids, it is the highest solids acrylic formulation on the market which allows a contractor to apply more coating per pass. Third, Acrylink G carries a full range of product approvals, including Miami-Dade, UL, FM, Energy Star, CRRC and CA Title 24. Finally, and most importantly, Acrylink G was the first crosslinking acrylic roof coating on the market. But, what is that? Crosslinking is the technical term for the additional chemical reaction that occurs in Acrylink G after it has been applied on the roof. This reaction causes a strong chemical bond to form at multiple points along each acrylic polymer chain, tying them together into one, single gigantic molecule. In the end, this mechanism creates a film that has very high integrity resulting in the highest, long-term tensile strength and % elongation available. This not only makes Acrylink G stronger and more elastic than other roof coatings, it dramatically increases its resistance to sunlight, water, and harsh chemicals. It also more effectively expands and contracts with the every-day movements of a building as a result of the temperature cycles. Thus, Acrylink G does not require that a reinforcing fabric be embedded in the coating – which is a time, labor and a material cost savings.

When you combine a superior acrylic roof coating like Acrylink G with a full range of support products and the top-of-class service and support offered by Edge Adhesives, WHY not chose Acrylink G for your next roof coating project? Please stop by our brand Plioseal’s booth 635 at the upcoming International Roof Expo in New Orleans to learn more about Acrylink G and the other performance-proven products offered through Edge Adhesives’ exclusive brand, Plioseal.

International Builder’s Show 2018: Start the New Year with New Innovations from Edge Adhesives

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Start the New Year off right with new innovations from Edge Adhesives and Plioseal™ in booth S200 at the 2018 International Builder’s Show in Orlando on January 9th – 11th.

For over 35 years Edge Adhesives has been a premier formulator and manufacturer of high performance sealant, adhesive, coating and tape technologies used for construction and waterproofing applications. Our innovative products are designed by our team of engineers with performance in mind. Edge Adhesives offers a wide breadth of diverse and environmentally friendly technologies used for a variety applications in both commercial and residential construction.

Innovation and performance have been at the core of Edge Adhesives since the company was founded. Everything starts and ends with our lab, from product design to the final quality checks on finished goods. In the early 1980’s, Edge’s legacy product Q-41 was introduced as the first foam-in-place thermally applied sealant for seaming applications for Metal Building. The Q-41 is still the top selling product in its category and used in the high-end offerings by premium brands in metal roofing today. In the 2000’s, Edge Adhesives designed and launched through private label our Q-14 high performance thin mil adhesive backed tapes for use as window and door flashings. This premium adhesive technology allowed installers to exceed all market specifications, while achieving extreme performances that include application down to -20⁰F and adhesion to multiple surfaces. In both of these cases, new product categories have been created because of our success with competitors racing to catch up and launching products.

More recently in 2017, Edge launched EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape and IsoPrime Plus™ primer through our brand Plioseal™. EcoButyl™ is the first ever zero-asphalt content low-cost butyl tape on the market. Our engineers found a way to lower cost, while not sacrificing on product performance. Unlike asphalt and asphalt blended tapes, EcoButyl™ window and door flashing has no sealant compatibility issues, will not suffer from environmental factors like drying or hardening, will adhere down to 20⁰F and will adhere to multiple surfaces without the aid of staples. Isoprime Plus™ is a unique “two-in-one” product that both passivates red-rusted substrates and provides a corrosion-inhibiting surface for subsequent topcoating.

At the 2018 International Builder’s Show in Orlando we are excited to be launching our redesigned line of premium block copolymer adhesive technologies for waterproofing tape applications. Since launching the first line of thin mil PSA adhesives and revolutionizing the waterproofing tape market over a decade ago, the landscape has changed with various new housewraps and engineered surfaces being launched into the market. After over a year of design and testing evaluation by our engineers, in 2018 we a proud to be launching new formulas with improved performance for all of our block copolymer adhesive products.

The redesign of Plioseal’s PowerFlash 14™ window and door flashing tape is one of our Builder’s Show product highlight’s that features one of these new adhesive formulations. The new PowerFlash 14™ not only benefits from the new adhesive, but it also features our new scrimless backing. This new METPET film is multi-layer cross laminated to give it the strength needed to eliminate the scrim that can lead to potential water infiltration when fasteners puncture the surface.

While visiting our booth S200, don’t forget to ask us about how you can get maximum branding exposure for your company. ALL of our products are available for private label. Besides window and door flashings, these new high-performance adhesive formulations can be coated onto multiple different backings for use in a variety of applications. Other PSA construction and waterproofing applications would include peel and stick roof underlayments, ice and water shields, seaming tapes, subgrade waterproofing and thru-wall flashings.

Let Edge Adhesives help lead you into 2018 and beyond with innovation! We look forward to seeing you in Orlando. Safe travels and Happy New Year!

Roofing Innovations by Plioseal

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Repair and Restore your Commercial or Metal Roof with Plioseal™ Building and Waterproofing Products

Why spend the money to replace your roof, when you can restore it for a fraction of the price?  Plioseal™ has an entire line-up of products designed to repair, restore and extend the life-cycle of commercial roofing systems.  Whether it’s due to age or damage from the recent severe weather that has been plaguing the United States, Plioseal™ has products designed that adhere and perform to a variety of surfaces in any geography that will help protect your investment by improving the performance of your roof for years to come.

If you need of a full roof restoration, look no further than our AcrylinkG™ roof coating and system.  Create a seamless membrane to protect your roof with this high solid content coating that exhibits superior elongation and tensile strength.  With this roof coating, you can do small repairs or you can coat your entire roof using our system and get up to a 20 year warranty.  We offer one of the longest warranties in the business because we know our coating works.  We have decades of proven performance to back it up.

Have a leak? For smaller repair work, we make an entire line of tapes and sealants for seam, cover and repair work for metal panel and single-ply roofing systems.  Our RoofBITE™ tape line utilizes a proprietary butyl hybrid adhesive that is capable of adhering in adverse conditions down to 0⁰F.  Our BITE line-up of tapes includes TPO repair tape, EPDM repair tape and metal panel seam repair tape.  Try our FleeceBITE™ and our AcrylinkG™ together on metal panels for the ultimate repair that will last decades.

The newest addition to our innovative line of products is IsoPrime Plus™; designed to passivate red rust on metal roofs.  This extraordinary two-in-one rust conversion primer eliminates the need for toxic and dangerous acid solutions.  IsoPrime Plus™ passivates red rust and provide a corrosion inhibiting surface for top coating.

To learn more about these exceptional products as well as others in our line-up, please visit our roofing products page.

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Effects of Hurricane Harvey on Adhesive Raw Material Supply

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Dear Valued Customer,

Hurricane Harvey’s landfall last Saturday continues to have devastating effects on the Texas coastline and beyond. Our hearts go out to the residents of Texas and all other areas impacted by the storm.

Initial reports indicate that approximately 40 % of our country’s production of petrochemicals and the two largest refineries in the country are offline due to the storm. We will continue to follow the developments as they evolve and maintain close contact with our suppliers. We will keep our customers informed on any impact this weather event may have on the products available from Edge Adhesives and our subsidiaries.

Your Edge Adhesives representative is always available to answer any questions you might have.


Edward Klavin
Edge Adhesives

Building a More Competitive Edge for the Future

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Written By: Ed Klavin, President and CEO

Recently Edge Adhesives launched its website which includes our new upper-case company logo. These updates mark a symbolic change for Edge Adhesives as our company advances to bring proven elastomeric adhesive sealant technologies and new product innovations to a broader market.

Customer focus and communication are critical not only for business growth, but also for industry longevity. Innovation and opportunity come from close contact with our customers and the market and listening to and anticipating their needs. Likewise, it is important that customers know about Edge Adhesives, our products offerings and our capabilities. The Edge Adhesives and Plioseal™ websites provide useful information for both current and potential new customers.

Positioning Edge Adhesives for the future is not just about marketing. Our recent investments in people and equipment are a testimony to our commitment to bring new resources into Edge Adhesives to meet our customer needs and create solutions. Customers have already taken notice and are benefiting from the enhancements in the technical capabilities in our R&D laboratory and our plants. In addition to lab and manufacturing upgrades, our new technical team combines industry experience, new ideas and enthusiasm into a function that provides quality control, customer application support and new product innovation. This is a significant part of the value that Edge Adhesives is offering customers.

Whether there is a need for innovative pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, sealants or coatings specifically for building and waterproofing applications or performance butyl gaskets, tapes and sealants designed for other markets including HVAC, subgrade, aerospace and OEM applications; Edge Adhesives has a broad line of solutions to meet your needs.

If you need custom / toll compounding of rubber adhesive formulations, Edge Adhesives can provide the product and the service. Edge Adhesives is known as a leading developer and manufacturer of rubber-based adhesive sealing products with capabilities in butyl and block copolymer formulations as well as water based acrylic coatings. Private label / toll manufacturing business is a core element of our business and is an area where we are growing internationally through partnerships with existing and new customers.

Our Plioseal™ brand brings innovative sustainable technologies to construction industry stakeholders through distribution. These environmentally friendly performance sealants, coatings and pressure sensitive tapes offer contractors, builders, and property owners better building envelope solutions for making their structures waterproof, more durable and energy efficient. Our recent launch of Ecobutyl™ and the soon to be launched next generation Powerflash 14™ are examples of innovative PSA tapes for construction and waterproofing.

The changes at Edge Adhesives go beyond just a new logo and websites. The future is now and we look forward to bringing continued value and innovation to customers, the industry and the community. Your comments and inquiries are much appreciated as Edge strives to provide “Solutions that Stick™”!

Summer Trade Show Season is Here!

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From coast to coast, Edge Adhesives and our brand Plioseal™ are going on the road.

First come join Plioseal™ in Orlando at the FRSA show (Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors) on June 22-24 in booth #433. At this year’s show we are excited to officially launch our new primer, ISOPRIME. This product not only passivizes red dust, it provides a surface that will inhibit any further corrosion. In addition to the ISOPRIME, you will find our line-up of innovative roof coatings, sealants and tapes.

If you are on the west coast, come see us at this year’s PCBC show (Pacific Coast Builder’s Show) in San Diego on June 28th & 29th at the San Diego Convention Center in Plioseal™ booth #2543. Here you will find our full line of building envelope products from our innovative window and door flashing tapes like EcoButyl™ to our tough and durable roof coating, Acrylink™.

A special highlight at this summer’s show for Plioseal™ will be our new and improved PowerFlash 14™ for windows and doors. Edge Adhesives is the originator of thin mil, versatile, aggressive – super tack adhesives and we are proud to launch this new improved version that is laminated on a scrim-less metalized polyester backing that guarantees nail-sealabilty 100% of the time. Window flashing tapes using backings with scrim can’t make that same claim.

Later in the summer Edge Adhesives will be back on the east coast in Orlando exhibiting at the CAMX Show (The Advanced Materials and Composites Expo) in booth #N80. Check back closer to the show for a close-up look into Edge’s vacuum and composite forming tapes.

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Lab Chat: Ageing and Weathering of Modified Asphalt Tapes vs Block Co-polymer and Butyl Tapes

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Written By: Jason Gillen, Technical Director

Common modified asphalt pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes employed in building envelope and construction applications are comprised of polymer modified asphalts and typically incorporate either a random styrene butadiene polymer (SBR) or a styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) block co- polymer chemistry. While these polymers can be effective at modifying the base asphalt to impart the necessary physical properties for the composition to function as an adhesive they do have their limitations and weaknesses. Aging and weathering performance is one of these weaknesses when compared to other available co-polymer and butyl based PSA tapes. Asphalt based adhesive tapes are particularly prone to property loss through this type of degradation due to the fact that both the asphalt base as well as the unsaturated polymer used to modify it will contribute to the formation of oxidation products and the coupling of polymeric radicals.

SBR and SBS polymers owe their strength and elasticity to their block copolymer structure and design. The hard, glassy styrene end-blocks and their soft, rubbery butadiene mid-blocks have solubility parameters that are different enough to create a phase separation that drives much of their physical properties. In the polymerization processes used to manufacture SBS block co-polymers the polymer chains are left with vulnerable C=C bonds as they are unsaturated polymers. These C=C bonds commonly referred to as unsaturation in the molecule, make these polymers susceptible to various environmental agents such as ozone, UV light and other thermo-oxidative agents that can compromise their physical properties as they naturally age.

Typical manifestations of polymer degradation in adhesives based on asphalt that has been modified with a SB or SBR or SBS block copolymer are increased hardness or a resulting decrease in the penetration. This increase in hardness is actually an increase in modulus of the system and is typically accompanied by a decrease in tack aggression. The predominant degradation kinetic at work in SBS polymers is a cross-linking of the butadiene segments. This diene cross-linking can create an insoluble gel content that severely diminishes the adhesive properties and cause failure in the bond line. This cross-linking can also increase the softening point of the adhesive as well as increase the high molecular weight species of the adhesives. The elongation and elastic recovery of these degraded systems is negatively affected making the adhesive system more prone to failure under cyclical dimensional changes in the substrate from repeated thermal swings. The increase in hardness or modulus can create poor “wetting” out of the tape to the intended substrate. These effects taken as a whole typically equate to a compromised adhesive that has lower room temperature tack, is physically harder and has substantially decreased cold temperature performance.

Edge Adhesives has long been aware of the poor ageing and weathering of the SBS chemistries and found the hydrogenation process that converts the butadiene mid-block to ethylene-butylene, substantially improves upon these particular performance attributes creating an SEBS polymer. Our SEBS (styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene) based tapes have essentially none of the vulnerable double bonds remaining with residual unsaturation levels below 3%. The hydrogenation process not only creates a much more thermally stable polymer it also tends to yield increased mechanical properties of our PSA tapes and increase the ageing and weathering properties as well when used in building envelope.

Look for Edge Adhesives and Plioseal to publish ad expanded case study on aging and its effects on the performance of Window and Door flashing tapes coming Fall 2017. Ask your sales associate for more information or call 1-866-232-2026 to find your local representative.

EcoButyl™ Window and Door Flashing is Ready for its Close-Up

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Watch out asphalt tapes! Plioseal’s game changing EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape is now more than two times stronger, in-stock and for ready shipment nationally.

After the overwhelming positive feedback from a targeted beta launch of the EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tape, Plioseal is now launching an optimized version of the butyl flashing tape to the entire market.

You may not be aware of this, but through our strategic partnerships, Edge Adhesives is the leader in developing premium performance butyl formulations and the innovator of thin mil block co-polymer adhesive backed pressure sensitive building and construction tapes with super stick performance characteristics.  Now through the Edge brand Plioseal, we are launching a new line of lower cost butyl waterproofing tapes specifically engineered to be closer in price to asphalt and asphalt blended window and door flashing tapes while exceeding on performance and dependability.

Asphalts and modified asphalt based tapes have proven in performance and are widely known to have sealant compatibility issues, poor temperature performance, short life-cycles and long term vinyl adhesion issues, but they remain the dominant used tapes when it comes to waterproofing your fenestration openings because of their low price.  With EcoButyl™ window and door flashing tapes we are taking Edge’s almost 40 years of building product and waterproofing technology development expertise and applying it to this uniquely positioned waterproofing tape being offered exclusively through our building and waterproofing brand, Plioseal to give you THE superior performing and lower cost butyl tape.

EcoButyl™ is a tough and flexible pressure sensitive tape that can be applied down to 40⁰F to most common building surfaces without the need for a primer. Unlike asphalts, it will not bleed or stain when in contact with common installation sealants and will pass the AAMA 713 standards for chemical compatibility.   This benefit gives the installer the freedom of choosing which sealant they prefer and not be limited to what will work with the specific bitumen based tape product they are trying to use for the window installation.

Exclusively through Plioseal you get all of these performance benefits without having to make a huge sacrifice on price.   EcoButyl is the new penny-4-penny pound-4-pound best window and door flashing on the market.  We challenge you to find a better performing product at a better price.  So what are you waiting for?  The decision has never been easier.

Find more about EcoButyl™ on the residential products page of www.plioseal.com or call 866-232-2026 to find a sales representative near you.



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The Science Behind

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Edge Adhesives is happy to announce we are taking the product knowledge and technologies of FIVE industry leading companies and rolling them into one uniquely diversified brand: Plioseal™.

Edge Adhesives has been the science behind some of the most innovative technologies and largest brands in the Metal Building, Waterproofing, Roofing, HVAC and Construction markets for over 30 years through our private label partnerships. Recently Edge has begun strategically purchasing other businesses that diversify and complement our existing technologies, market channels and philosophy of technologies, market channels and philosophy of market improvement through product development and innovation.

The first acquisition made was Rubex, Inc. Rubex has been a trusted supplier of sealants and tapes to the Metal Building market for over 30 years. PARR Technologies, Inc. was Edge’s second acquisition. PARR has been supplying a diversified technology base of sealants, butyl tapes and coatings for over 80 years. When Edge acquired Plioseal™, we gained a recognizable and trusted brand name in the commercial and single-ply roofing market that has been supplying for over 25 years. Our most recent acquisition was of a unique roof and liquid coatings company, Isothermal Protective Coatings, Inc [IPC] in early 2015. IPC further rounds out Plioseal’s 360 degree approach to being your one-top-shop supplier of all of your sealing and waterproofing needs.

Plioseal™ now represents over 150 years of combined knowledge, product development and field proven experience. By taking the best of what these companies have to offer, Plioseal™ now offers a Building Solution the Sticks from the foundation to the ridge of you roof a wide range of market leading tapes, sealants and coatings. For many of these products, it will be the first time they will be offered manufacture direct to the market.

With the Plioseal™ brand, we are committed to continuing to make positive contributions to the Building and Waterproofing markets by developing in our labs, producing on our plant floors and now driving direct-to-market our innovative tapes, sealants and coatings.

Visit our website often to see the newest products and developments to the evolving Plioseal™ product line.

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